EEXPONMEA is an international service company based in Hof, Germany. We are actively involved in the sale of products from European medium-sized companies to the Middle East and Africa. We see ourselves as an intermediary between European companies and distributors in Middle East & Africa. By doing so we are “the bridge to your business”. Our company solves new and exciting challenges for demanding customers and projects every day.

We represent European companies from the sectors FMCG (consumer goods, such as food, care products), automotive (accessories), medical, fashion, design and so on.

It is particularly important to emphasize that our advantage is that we know and work in the region, understand the customs regulations, the culture of this market and its people and have experience here.

We offer brand owners a unique and affordable solution that allows them to enter the Middle East and Africa markets without the cost, risk, and delay associated with opening overseas offices and hiring staff.

We perform all of the key sales and marketing functions that a company’s export department would take, leveraging our extensive experience in strategic business planning, sales and marketing management, and brand management in the Middle East & Africa.

We appoint and manage the right distributors, help register your products with the authorities and offer special support for logistics and supply chain management to ensure that your products or services reach your customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.